2014 Ford Explorer Hybrid

2014 Ford Explorer Hybrid

2014 Ford Explorer Hybrid is one of the best vehicles which will be coming this year (2014). The Ford has been moving from mid SUV to the largest crossover in order to reflect the desires of the consumers.

The following are the standard features of the new Ford Explorer hybrid which you can expect:

It has improved fuel economy

The most fuel efficient engine option for the explorer is a four cylinder 2.0 L ecoboost. In fact, this is amazing for such a vehicle of this size.

Hybrid modification

Since the vehicle has hybrid modification, it will be able to be fuel efficient. The hybrid features include:

· Automatic stop start ignition switch

This is a feature which will stop the engine when it is not in motion. As a result, it will conserve the gas .when you are ready to start up, the electric motor will power up.

· Aerodynamics which is improved: o 2014 Ford Explorer Hybrid also has aerodynamics which assists in extending the battery life as well as making the vehicle to be more fuel efficient.

· Regenerative braking system: rather than wasting the potential energy when braking, the braking system stores and transforms energy which can be used later.

Interior features of the vehicle

Ford Explorer Hybrid 2014

O 2014 Ford Explorer Hybrid has seats which are reserved for seven people. In addition, it provides a lot of versatile cargo space which used for carrying the luggage. With the vehicle, you will find the state off art technology used for driving safety and convenience. On the advantage of the vehicle is that it has spacious seating.

Other interior features include:

· Manual single sized climate control

This is used for controlling the climate of the vehicle. When the weather is either hot or cold, the climate control is adjusted.

·Cargo hooks

This is used for comfort and convenience. The first row centered console is wrapped with storage bin and armrest.

new 2014 Ford Explorer Hybrid

Safety features of the vehicle

If you want to travel with a piece of mind, you need to use the ford explorer. The vehicle has the safety features which include: advanced trac and trailer sway control. Nevertheless, the vehicle has collision warning which is available and inflatable rear safety features.

Engine specification of the vehicle

The vehicle is a 3.5 liter V-6 with front wheel drive.

In conclusion, 2014 Ford Explorer Hybrid is the best vehicle as highlighted above. This will enable you to be comfortable as you drive your vehicle. Therefore, you need to buy the car when it is displayed in the show rooms at the last quarter of 2014.

To learn more about the Ford Explorer please visit this page: http://www.ford.com/suvs/explorer/?searchid=65126314|2096241754|11341490&ef_id=UUhLugAABdxgZaD0:20140303083001:s

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